Ian Kegg

Being a skateboarder since age 10, Ian has always had a deep love for skateboarding and wanted to find a way to give back. Being from an incredible skate scene in the Pittsburgh area made this whole idea easy. All he needed to do was exactly what every local shop and older skateboarder did for him when he was younger. After a year of brainstorming and research, he founded Pushin' for a Purpose.

When Ian isn't skateboarding or working with Pushin' for a Purpose he is a Quality Manager for a machine shop in Penn, PA.

We want to welcome Jenny Ross to the Pushin’ for a Purpose family! Jenny‚Ķ

Jenny Ross

Jenny, who joined us in January of 2018, is our Program Director and helps us keep our heads on straight and moving in the right direction. She has been around skateboarding her entire life and shows a great love for it. Along with her love for skateboarding, she also has a great passion for painting and glass blowing, which she went to art school for.

When she's not setting up events or keeping our social media current, you can catch her slinging groceries as the Store Team Leader for Whole Foods Market in the South Hills of Pittburgh, PA.

Kelly Busato

Kelly, who came on as our Treasurer in 2018, has been with the program since its inception in late 2015. At first she was a volunteer and our hype girl at events but has recently moved on to manage the financial side of Pushin' for a Purpose. Just like the rest of our crew, Kelly has been in love with skateboarding from a very young age (kind of a prerequisite for us :-)).

When Kelly isn't keeping our finances in order or snowboarding, she is a full time Registered Nurse for Dialysis Clinic Inc. in Jeannette, PA.